Individual Artist Awards

Who may apply for a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award?
Alaskan artists working in any artistic discipline may apply for a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award. Please review the Individual Artist Awards application guidelines for detailed eligibility criteria.

May I discuss my application with someone to see if it would be a strong proposal?
Yes, you may call the Rasmuson Foundation or send an email requesting assistance. Please contact the office at least 10 working days before the application deadline. Jeff Baird, Senior Program Associate, may be reached at 907.297.2831 or Toll free: 877.366.2700. While you are encouraged to contact Foundation staff with your application questions, please understand that funding decisions are made by an independent review panel.

What is your application review process?
Awards are granted on a competitive basis and selection is made through an independent panel review process. The selection process will take 8 to 12 weeks.

How are panelists selected?
Panelists are selected based on their knowledge of a specific discipline, experience, and recommendations from the field.

What does the panel look for?
Panels look at the quality of artistic work within the context of the individual's experience, training, and career stage. Quality work samples are essential. Please refer to the specific guidelines for work samples. A strong proposal will also contain a compelling, thoughtful, thorough, and concise project narrative. When requested, a detailed budget and timeline should be included.

Are the Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Awards need-based?
No. The Awards are designed to honor and encourage the creative potential of individual artists without regard to individual financial need.

How often may I apply? What if I receive an award, may I apply again the next deadline?
An artist may apply for only one (1) of the three awards offered per calendar year. Artists who receive a Rasmuson Individual Artist Award must wait three (3) years before applying for another Individual Artist Award.

May I submit an application in more than one category?
No. You will need to select the award category in which you think your application will be most competitive. Your application will not be considered for more than one award category.

If I apply for an Individual Artist Award, but plan to return to school to complete a degree program within the same year, does that make me ineligible for an award?
You are not eligible as long as you are a student in an artistic discipline degree-seeking program.

Can I apply for funds for equipment?
Yes, as long as your proposal demonstrates how the equipment will enhance your artistic career and creative capacity.

Do I need a sponsoring organization to apply for the Individual Artist Awards?
No, these awards are specifically for individual artists.

Can a small group/ensemble be considered an individual artist?
No. You may apply to work with other artists as a component of your proposed project. Your application will be considered on the basis of your artistic credentials and the impact such a collaboration will have on advancing your artistic career and creative endeavors.

I am a graphic designer, but I want to focus on my other art work. Since most of my work is commercial, can I send images of that work?
Generally speaking, the panels are only interested in seeing non-commercial work. You will likely get a stronger response if all or most of your work samples represent your non-commercial art work.