Rasmuson Foundation offers one $40,000 Distinguished Artist Award annually in recognition of an Alaskan artist's creative excellence and superior accomplishments in the arts. The award is a validation of the artist's creative output and contributions to the state of Alaska. It is also an acknowledgement of the artist's potential for subsequent creative work.

Mature, established artists are eligible to receive the Distinguished Artist Award. Mature artists are those who have created an extensive independent body of work representing a life-long investigation and maturation of their personal creativity. They demonstrate a high aesthetic level of artistic ability with a strong consistency of expression over at least a 15 year professional arts career. Artists may work in any artistic discipline.

We welcome public nominations of artists who meet the Distinguished Artist Award criteria. Artists can nominate themselves. An application package from the artist is not necessary to receive this award. Please complete and submit the form below by March 1.


  • Artists must be a full-time Alaska resident.
  • Must be an artist who is currently producing work.

Artists are NOT eligible to apply or be nominated if they are:

  • A student enrolled in any degree-seeking program related to the arts at any educational level.
  • A current or prior Rasmuson Foundation board, committee or staff member, consultant, current panelist, or members of their immediate family.
  • Individuals whose work or project is primarily of a research, scholarly, or commercial nature.

June 1 through May 31, 2018.

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1. Provide evidence the artist has demonstrated longevity in his/her field. For example, how long have they been a practicing artist? Have they created an extensive, independent body of work? Where can the work be found? (250 word max)
2. Provide evidence the artist has consistently practiced art at a high level over his/her career. For instance, has the artist been recognized by his/her peers, received awards, been profiled in statewide publications? (250 word max)
3. Provide evidence the artist has had a broad impact/ helped shape arts and culture in Alaska. For instance, did the individual mentor other artists; pioneer innovation? (250 word max)
4. Other websites, books or reference guides where I can learn more about the artist (250 words max)

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