Rasmuson Foundation offers one $40,000 Distinguished Artist Award annually in recognition of an Alaskan artist's creative excellence and superior accomplishments in the arts. The award is a validation of the artist's creative output and contributions to the state of Alaska. It is also an acknowledgement of the artist's potential for subsequent creative work. For more information about awards available to artists, please click here.

This award will provide artists the resources to concentrate and reflect on their work, to immerse themselves in a creative endeavor, and to experiment, explore, and develop their artistry more fully. It is our hope that these investments in individual artists will result in substantial contributions to the culture of Alaska, the vibrancy of our communities, and to art itself.

Mature, established artists are eligible to receive the Distinguished Artist Award. Mature artists are those who have created an extensive independent body of work representing a life-long investigation and maturation of their personal creativity. They demonstrate a high aesthetic level of artistic ability with a strong consistency of expression over at least a 15 year professional arts career. Artists may work in any artistic discipline.

Artists who have received a Rasmuson Individual Artist Award must wait three years from the year of the award before applying for another Individual Artist Award. Rasmuson award recipients prior to 2013 are eligible for a 2015 award.

We welcome public nominations of artists who meet the Distinguished Artist Award criteria. Artists can nominate themselves. An application package from the artist is not necessary to receive this award. Please complete and submit the form below by March 1.

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