Rasmuson Foundation 2017 Annual Letter

Dear Alaskans

a message from Diane Kaplan

Many of you probably have some idea of the work we do at Rasmuson Foundation. Our focus areas include housing, human services, health care, and arts and culture. Our Individual Artist Awards program, one of our flagship areas, is an unusual one for a family foundation.

Yet you may not realize how our funding decisions rise from our values and principles, from what matters most in our hearts and minds. In this year’s Annual Letter to Alaska, we for the first time are sharing some of our guiding principles, and we are showing how they materialize in some of our biggest projects. For us, this offers a new approach for telling our story.

As in the past, we are highlighting past-year accomplishments by the organizations we support and this time we also are pausing to explain why certain projects resonate so strongly. We explain values, principles and methods that lead to success, such as strong leadership by Carol Gore at Cook Inlet Housing Authority to reshape Anchorage, and a clear sense of purpose by Julie Decker at the Anchorage Museum, which is becoming a cultural gathering place as well as Alaska’s biggest art showcase.

Here you will find five stories that illustrate those core principles. These elements of success begin with clear purpose and steady leadership and spiral out to partnerships, the leveraging of funds and support for the internal workings of our state’s often-overloaded nonprofit organizations. The depth and width of projects advanced with our support may surprise you.

Thank you, Alaskans, for all you do to help others. It’s the Alaska way, and our way.

Let us know what you think through Facebook or Twitter or by calling our office.

Diane Kaplan


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