Rasmuson Foundation 2018 Annual Letter

Investing for Impact in 2018

A Foundation grant awarded in 2018 is helping to fund an assisted living center in the village of Unalakleet on the Bering Sea coast of Alaska. (Photo by Todd Shenk)

Explore Our 2018 Grantmaking

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Projects range from vans to help for people who are homeless

A lullaby project for incarcerated parents. Roof repairs, vans for seniors and youth, and technology upgrades. Homes for working people and an assisted living home in rural Alaska. In 2018, we awarded 450 grants. Here’s where the $31.7 million went:

Download the entire list of 2018 Foundation grants.

42 large grants: Our Tier 2 grants supported projects that provided widespread benefit, were of strategic importance or were especially innovative — and sometimes all of the above.

197 small grants: Awards of up to $25,000, known as our Tier 1 grants, went for small but essential capital needs: vans and computers, fences and floors.

147 discretionary grants: These grants by board and staff benefited nonprofits from Bethel Search and Rescue to Facing Foster Care in Alaska to Story Works Alaska.

36 Individual Artist Awards: Alaska artists pursued specific projects or immersed more fully in their artistry.

11 philanthropic organization grants: These awards supported focused improvement in the sector.

Seven sabbaticals: Nonprofit and tribal leaders renewed themselves.

Six program-related investments: Low-cost loans and other financial instruments helped projects pencil out including The Dome sports complex in Anchorage and Mill Bay Townhomes, workforce housing in Kodiak.

Four initiatives: These addressed systemic issues: alcohol addiction, housing and two awards related to homelessness.

Grants awarded through partners: Almost 200 additional grants were made through partners with our awards. In 2018, Museums Alaska, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, The Alaska Community Foundation and Alaska Housing Finance Corp. all made grants with our awards.

Eklutna dam celebration

Alaskans formed a symbolic bucket brigade in September 2018 and carried lake water to the dried-out stream bed of Eklutna River. A grant from the Foundation helped pay for the removal of an old dam that has blocked water flow — and salmon runs. (Photo by Lisa Demer)

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