Rasmuson Foundation Board of Directors

  • Edward B. Rasmuson, Chairman
  • Cathryn Rasmuson, Vice Chairman
  • Natasha von Imhof, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Rebecca Brice Henderson
  • Adam Gibbons
  • Jay Gibbons
  • Lile R. Gibbons
  • Curtis McQueen
  • Jason Metrokin
  • Mike Navarre
  • Kris Norosz
  • Judy Rasmuson
  • Marilyn Romano


President’s Office
  • Diane Kaplan, President and CEO
  • Jeff Baird, Chief of Staff
  • Jess Haley
  • Stephanie Hubers
Finance and Administration Team
  • Deborah Bitney, Vice President
  • Carmen Goodwin
  • Allison Macanga
  • Samona Norombaba
  • Kris Palmatier
  • Shawn Rivera
External Affairs Team
  • Angela Cox, Vice President
  • Lisa Demer
  • Emily Kwon
  • Sonya Wellman
Program Team
  • Alexandra McKay, Vice President
  • Roy Agloinga
  • Tanya Dumas
  • Josh Hemsath
  • Marian Hunter
  • Dick Mandsager
  • Enzina Marrari
  • Tristan Agnauraq Morgan
  • Chris Perez
  • Todd Shenk
  • Sharity Sommer

The Principles That Guide Us

Clear purpose

Successful organizations focus on mission and the future.

Bold leadership

One individual can transform an organization and a community.

Strong partnerships

Groups accomplish the impossible by banding together.

Leverage of funds

Well-defined projects attract support from many.


Outstanding organizations stay relevant and agile, and thrive financially.

Allison Macanga, Emily Kwon, Josh Hemsath and Tristan Agnauraq Morgan are among the Foundation 25 employees.