Linda Schrack (Skil Jáadei)

Linda Schrack was born and raised in Southeast Alaska. She is Haida from the Shark House, and a member of the Yahkw Láanaas clan and Raven moiety. Schrack’s Haida name is Skíl Jáadei (pronounced “skill jaw-day”), which means “Woman of Good Fortune.” Schrack is a Haida language apprentice and teacher-in-training, as well as a student of the Tsimshian language. Schrack’s mission is to promote awareness of and support for the living Native languages and cultures of Southeast Alaska. As part of this mission she includes Haida, Tsimshian and Tlingit words and phrases on her line of clothing and accessories. In addition, she also creates traditional Haida regalia such as moccasins, button robes, vests, and dance aprons, as well as dolls for collectors. She continues to share her knowledge of local Native culture and heritage with her children and grandchildren.