The Rasmuson Foundation Sabbatical Program is designed to provide time away from the job for nonprofit and tribal leaders to engage in activities for personal renewal and growth. The Foundation believes that nonprofit CEOs/executive directors and tribal administrators better serve their organization when they have extended opportunities to reflect on their work, gain insight into what they want to accomplish in their careers, learn better ways to run their organizations, and renew their personal energy.

To achieve these objectives and help prevent job related stress and burnout, the Foundation endorses the concept of sabbaticals and has committed funds to support time off for outstanding nonprofit and tribal professionals in Alaska. This program recognizes the value the Foundation places on high-performing and accomplished organization leaders. The sabbatical not only is a reward for achievement, it is a motivating factor to keep our best people in the field.

This award is for the personal renewal of the applicant. Activities dedicated to personal renewal as defined by the recipient may include travel, study, time for reflection, or simply rest. Awards will support sabbaticals of a minimum of 60 continuous and a maximum of 180 continuous days. Sabbatical recipients are expected to fully step away from their organizations for the length of the sabbatical.

The amount of each grant will be up to $40,000. Although grants are awarded to the organization, they are to be used specifically for the individual taking the sabbatical to cover salary and expenses during the sabbatical. No distinction is made between large and small organizations.