Past Grantmaking

Grants in 2018 for Arts, Culture, Humanities

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Abdihodzic, Armin
Artist Fellowship (Performance Presentation/Interpretation) for a concert-level classical guitar and coaching
Adams, Brian Caleb(site)
Artist Fellowship (Visual Arts) to travel to Canada, Greenland, and Russia to create photographs for a book "I Am Inuit"
Affinityfilms, Inc.(site)
Post-production of the Samuel Johns documentary film in Anchorage
Alaska Children's Institute for the Performing Arts(site)
Improve drainage system at Kenai theatre
Alaska Humanities Forum(site)
Furniture for expanded office space in Anchorage.
Alaska Music Archives(site)
Equipment and digital storage to archive music
Alaska Public Media, Inc.(site)
Produce the documentary film "Canyons & Ice: The Last Run of Dick Griffith."
Alaska Public Media, Inc.(site)
Upgrades to the master control room and video production equipment in Anchorage
Alaska State Council on the Arts(site)
Arts in Education, Harper Touring, Youth Cultural Heritage (2018 - 2021)
Alaska Women's Hall of Fame(site)
Alaska Women's Hall of Fame 10th Anniversary video
Allison, Christiane
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) to self-publish a second children's picture book, "Where Is Uncle?"
Alutiiq Heritage Foundation(site)
Alutiiq Ancestors' Memorial park in Kodiak
Amason, Alvin Eli
2018 Distinguished Artist Award
Anchorage Museum Association(site)
Gertrude Svarny Ukuqanaadan exhibit
Anchorage Opera Company(site)
Technology upgrades
Artchange, Inc.(site)
Produce and edit a documentary film series, "14 Miles," in Sitka
Bethel Broadcasting(site)
Equipment and software for a radio automation system
Board and Staff-Directed Grants
Bunnell Street Arts Center(site)
Equipment, furniture, and fixture upgrades in Homer.
Capital Community Broadcasting, Inc.(site)
Upgrade KRNN and KXLL radio station transmitters in Juneau.
Catherino, Dolores(site)
Artist Fellowship (Music Composition) to create a video documentation and publication of a polychromatic music composition
Chickaloon Native Village(site)
Equipment and develop video for the 'Restoring Nay'dini'aa Na' exhibit
Christianson, Susan Stark
Artist Fellowship (Media Arts) to develop a new documentary film that expands on concepts in the film "The Wisdom of the Grandmothers"
Churchill, Delores E.
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to film and edit the process of finishing baskets on a DVD to be included in a book about basket weaving
City of Craig
Collections enhancements, shelving, and technology upgrades for the Craig Public Library
CoastAlaska, Inc.(site)
Membership outreach equipment and furniture in Juneau.
Cyrano's Theatre Company(site)
Renovate and upgrade Cyrano's Theatre building in Anchorage
Davis, Roblin Gray(site)
Project Award (Performance Art) to create and perform a new solo show, "Soaked"
Dee, Jacob
Project Award (Music Composition) for equipment, post production of an album, and touring to promote the album
Ellefson, Merry C.
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) for time and travel to develop a performance piece inspired by a story of a man lost on an ice floe
Friends of the Army Women's Museum Association(site)
Preserve the Legacy Campaign
Galanin, Nicholas(site)
Artist Fellowship (Multidisciplinary Folk and Traditional Arts & Visual Arts) to create traditional Tlingit copper chasing and repousse work
Gerard, David R.
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) for training and building a stringed instrument with a master luthier
Gutierrez-Scholl, Ana
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to travel and purchase equipment for documenting the history of the Anchorage-based Mexican folkloric dance troupe Xochiquetzai-Tiqun
Gwandak Public Broadcasting Inc.(site)
Upgrade the radio station electrical system in Fort Yukon
Hamar, Glenn P.
Project Award (Fold and Traditional Arts) for equipment and a red cedar log to make a Haida style canoe
Henrikson, Mary Ida(site)
Artist Fellowship (Visual Arts) for art supplies and to focus time on painting
Honolulu Biennial Foundation(site)
Exhibit Alaska artist's work at Honolulu Biennial
Hydaburg Cooperative Association(site)
Kitchen equipment for the Naa Iwaan Long House
Juneau Arts and Humanities Council(site)
Juneau Histories Project.
Juneau Community Foundation(site)
Alaska tour Strings & Stories, an interactive children's performance.
Katzke, Mary(site)
Artist Fellowship (Media Arts) for photography equipment and for travel costs to attend photography and media campaign workshops
Kenai Peninsula Orchestra Inc.(site)
Musical instruments and equipment
Kenai Potters' Guild
Upgrade to a gas kiln
Kenaitze Indian Tribe(site)
Expand the educational fishery and harvest campus
Ketchikan Community Concert Band(site)
Equipment and renovate music space.
Koahnic Broadcast Corporation(site)
"Definition of Resilience" multimedia project
Kodiak Historical Society(site)
Exhibit redesign and facility upgrade
Kokai, Abigail
Project Award (Crafts) to travel, observe people, and sketch ideas for producing illustrated quilts
Lawrence, Paul Andrew(site)
Project Award (Media Arts) to study and produce the final sound mixing of the documentary film, "The Boneyard"
Lincoln, Noah
Project Award (Media Arts) for equipment to make a video about teen issues and suicide
Lynn Canal Broadcasting, Inc.(site)
Upgrades to the production studio and newsroom in Haines.
Marks, Alison
Project Award (Art Folk and Traditional Arts) for studio space, art supplies and cedar to carve a bentwood box
McNett, Kimberlee
Project Award (Visual Arts) to enhance the realism of nature illustrations through dedicated time and practice
Mills, Robert
Project Award (Art Folk and Traditional Arts) to study and research the masks of the Northwest Coast masters
Municipality of Skagway(site)
Furnishings for the Skagway Public Library.
Museums Alaska Inc.(site)
Support Museums Alaska grant programs.
Museums Alaska Inc.(site)
Art Acquisition Fund and Collections Management Fund (2018 - 2021)
Northern Culture Exchange(site)
Travel to National Conference to build an Alaska music brand
O'Loughlin, Katie
Project Award (Choreography) to travel, train, and focus on growth as a technical dancer and emerging choreographer
Peckham, Lucy C.
Project Award (Presentation/Interpretation) for travel and training in new theatre sound design and mixing systems
Peterson, Charlotte
Project Award (Visual Arts) for photography equipment and workshops in preparation of a series of self-portraits for a solo exhibition
Pribilof School District(site)
Radio equipment for St. Paul and St. George
Radio Free Palmer(site)
Upgrade studio and equipment
Russian Orthodox Sacred Sites in Alaska(site)
Renovate the Bishop's House in Unalaska
Russian Orthodox Sacred Sites in Alaska(site)
Fire suppression for Holy Ascension Cathedral in Unalaska
Share, Susan(site)
Artist Fellowship (Visual Arts) to travel and gather ideas for a new series of artist's books
Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center(site)
Equipment to protect and manage the analog and digital archives in Haines
Sitka Historical Society, Inc.(site)
Technology and equipment upgrades for a collections audit
Sitka Summer Music Festival(site)
Renovate Stevenson Hall
Storyknife Writers Retreat(site)
Construct retreat center for women writers in Homer
Tagaban, Richard Elias Little
Project Award (Art Visual Arts) for studio space to process large amounts of mountain goat wool for producing a Chilkat robe
The Historymakers(site)
Document and preserve Alaska's African American history
Thomas, Colleen Firmin
Project Award (Visual Arts) for paint supplies, transportation, and time to paint in preparation for a show in Homer
Tochak Historical Society
Signage and digital information for a historical cemetery in McGrath
Togiak Public Library and Cultural Center
Collection enhancement.
Unalaska Community Broadcasting(site)
Upgrade radio station automation system
United States Artists(site)
Travel for the 2019 USA Fellows and Alumni Council convening in Chicago
University of Alaska Foundation(site)
Merge seven northern library collections onto the Alaska Library Catalog
University of Alaska Foundation(site)
Mural project on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus
University of Alaska Foundation(site)
Publish "Melting the Ice Curtain" in Russian
Valley Performing Arts(site)
Renovate the lobby and restrooms in Wasilla
Waggoner, Sydnee
Project Award (Presentation/Interpretation) for travel, professional operatic musical coaching, auditions, and competitions in Europe
Wall, Emily(site)
Project Award (Literary Arts/Scriptworks) for artist residencies, research, and time to write a chapbook of persona poems about Georgia O'Keeffe
Warden, Allison(site)
Artist Fellowship (New Genre) to create an installation, "Everybody Will Be A Millionaire!," with photography, objects, and video
Wass, Zak Dylan
Project Award (Music Composition) for a computer workstation to finish an album of original music
Webb, Amber Roylee
Project Award (Visual Arts) to make a 12 X 10 qaspeq, a traditional Yup'ik garment, with ink portraits of murdered indigenous women and Yup'ik designs for exhibition in Alaska
Whalen-Lunn, Sarah
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) for travel and research to focus on traditional tattoos and provide workshops in Alaskan villages
Williams, Peter(site)
Project Award (Folk and Traditional Arts) to set up a tanning operation to process hides for hand-stitched wearable art objects
Zelinsky II, Richard L.(site)
Artist Fellowship (Music Composition) to compose music for the jazz project "Zelectrik"