Remembering our friend, Jake Adams

Diane Kaplan remembers her many visits in Utqiaġvik with Jake Adams, whose care for the people of his region materialized in improved quality of life in so many ways.


We choose action

We are turning words into action by dedicating nearly $500,000 to take on systemic racism in Alaska.


Her favorite place on Earth

We couldn't have the party we hoped for to celebrate CEO Diane Kaplan's 25th anniversary, but in true Diane fashion we mark the moment with a beloved Foundation song and video. Enjoy!


Can we get our city “to be more like Sully?”

Private businesses, individuals and philanthropy organizations have always contributed a great deal of the funds for the continuum of services for people experiencing homelessness. More gaps remain to be filled. We invite all of Anchorage to be part of the solution. Let’s all step up to be good neighbors.


From the Desk of Diane: August happenings

We know so many of you are working extra hard to keep your communities and clients, your families and friends, safe, healthy and happy. It's the same for us! Here are a few of the things our board and staff have been up to.


A powerful tool to connect Alaska job seekers with jobs

We invite you to learn more about a valuable web resource for job seekers and employers around Alaska. is a service recently acquired by our colleagues at Cook Inlet Tribal Council and Alaska's People. We thought all of Alaska should be aware of it.

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