Meet the 2020 Individual Artist Award recipients

Every year Rasmuson Foundation recognizes some of Alaska's best artists with Individual Artist Awards. Learn who is receiving an award this year — and how they plan to use the money to grow as an artist.


A new vision for Exxon Valdez Oil Spill recovery

We are a diverse group of Alaskans, all of whom come from the area affected by the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill or who worked with the communities and science programs there. We convened with the shared vision to see the remaining EVOS Trust funds used for the long term.


From the Desk of Diane: June 2020 report

This time like no other is prompting us to examine ourselves and our own work with fresh eyes and, recently, heavy hearts. Here is a sampling of recent activities involving Rasmuson Foundation, nonprofits and other grantees in Alaska.


Enough. We all can do better.

The pain and, yes, outrage that is pouring out of the Black community and its allies is the result of hundreds of years of being marginalized in systemic ways.


Remembering Byron Mallott

I can’t remember how many times Byron provided advice, stood up for me, showed up for me, hosted me, fished with me.

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