Meet Rasmuson Foundation’s four new staff members

Join us in welcoming new additions to the Rasmuson Foundation team. Our new staff members include our first IT operations manager as well as administrative help to keep operations running smoothly. We are growing to better serve Alaska.


Snowy nights bring magic to botanical garden

Twinkling lights in the trees and luminaries along trails, stargazing on clear evenings and live music in the greenhouse —  the Alaska Botanical Garden has drawn hundreds of visitors on recent winter nights. And there’s one more round coming up this Thursday, Friday and Saturday — plus New Year’s Eve — for the inaugural season of Holiday Lights in the Garden.


In Homer, a welcome home and a lesson on giving

When Tom Kizzia left full-time newspaper work, and agreed to start helping the Homer Foundation, it was not the memory of his wife's good works that inspired him. He was remembering what it was like to receive.


Film Festival on Friday: Magnetic stories of 6 Alaskans

The stories of six leaders who helped shape Alaska's political, social and cultural landscape are told in the documentary series “Magnetic North: The Alaskan Character.” Clips from five of them, framed around a theme of resilience, will show Friday at the Anchorage International Film Festival.

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