Our 2018 Distinguished Artist is Alvin Amason

“I paint Alaskan animals of today,” says Alvin Amason, “I’m glad I have my heritage, but I don’t want to rely on it. Culture just doesn’t work if it is put on a shelf, in a jar, in a museum. It is a living thing. Time goes on and cultural elements change.”


A visit with 2004 Distinguished Artist Sylvester Ayek

Sylvester Ayek personifies the Inupiaq values of humility and respect. A recent visit to his studio showed me that perseverance is just as important in the beginning of an arts career as it is for a mature artist, like Ayek.


Bittersweet goodbye: Good luck to our Smart guy

Rasmuson Foundation was looking for a Program Officer eight years ago. We hoped for someone with some expertise in either arts or health, two of our major interest areas.

Jayson Smart is seen at the Alaska Marine Gala benefiting the Alaska SeaLife Center on Feb.

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