Today we are sharing an announcement by our colleagues at Cook Inlet Tribal Council and Alaska’s People about a valuable web resource for job seekers and employers around Alaska. We’ve already used it for our own job postings and thought all of Alaska should be aware of it. Try it out! It’s free and easy to use. Maybe it will lead you to the job of your dreams … or the employee of your dreams. — Rasmuson Foundation

ANCHORAGE – Cook Inlet Tribal Council announces the acquisition of from Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI). The web-based career portal will be managed by Alaska’s People, CITC’s recruiting and workforce development team. Since reorganizing in 2019, CITC’s Alaska’s People has become the go-to resource for Alaska Native/American Indian people ready to find meaningful employment and career development opportunities. Alaska’s People leverages its array of comprehensive tools and knowledgeable staff to create bridges that take individuals from career-ready to long-term careers.

With the purchase of (ANH), Alaska’s People gains a ready-made tool to support job seekers statewide. As increasing numbers of workers look for new employment opportunities, this online resource will allow job seekers to safely look for employment while accessing virtual assistance from Alaska’s People staff.

Nikki Graham

“When I came on as director, we immediately started looking at the tools and technology we could leverage to connect job seekers with employers and help them find meaningful employment,” said Nikki Graham, director of Alaska’s People. “With Alaska Native Hire the jobs find you, so I know it will be an essential tool in helping Our People connect with meaningful employment and career development within CITC and in the community.”

Originally launched by Cook Inlet Region Inc. in 2016, ANH was created as an online forum for Alaska Native people to connect directly with employers looking to fill local hire needs. While the website successfully connected many job seekers and employers, CIRI and CITC leadership concluded that clients would benefit from being connected to CITC’s existing network of employment resources. “CIRI built Alaska Native Hire as part of our mission to promote the well-being of CIRI shareholders,” says CIRI President & CEO Sophie Minich. “By putting a powerful tool like Alaska Native Hire into the hands of an innovative organization like CITC and Alaska’s People, we further that mission by ensuring success for Alaska Native and American Indian job seekers and employers in our state. It is the perfect recipe for our collective success.”

Gloria O’Neill

“Strategically Alaska Native Hire aligns perfectly with CITC’s efforts to connect people to their potential,” says CITC President & CEO Gloria O’Neill. “This tool will be a place for job seekers and employers to connect, identify opportunities, and begin a journey together that creates value for both.” Alaska Native Hire will build upon the existing tools Alaska’s People uses to connect people to jobs. Job seekers can create a profile or “virtual resume” that highlights their experience, skills, education, and employment history. Employers can search the database for specific skill sets to fill vacant positions.

For more information about Alaska’s People, visit the department webpage.

Brad Hillwig
Senior Director of Communications
Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Cell: (907) 317-8402

 Nikki Graham
Director of Alaska’s People
Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Office: 907.793.3183

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