Rasmuson Foundation is pleased to announce a new, simplified online system for grant applications and tracking: grants.rasmuson.org. The system is designed to work more smoothly than our old grants system both for applicants and our staff. Our new system is in place for our small, or Tier 1 grants, those for projects of $25,000 or less. All applicants for Tier 1 grants can use the system, effective immediately.

The system now supports multiple users within the same organization, each with individual login credentials. Users will be able to update information about their organization and submit new requests. The Tier 1 application process has been streamlined into a set of simple and direct questions.

To begin, you will need to register.  Click the “Register Here” button.

While paper applications will still be accepted, we urge potential grantees to try the online system. Applications in process in the old system will be available through June 1. An online system for organizations seeking funding for larger projects, what we call Tier 2s, will launch soon. For now, the process for Tier 2 grants will continue to begin with a letter of inquiry.

We hope you will find grants.rasmuson.org to be an improvement. And let us know what you think by emailing us at grants@rasmuson.org.