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Chairman Ed: Mentor, friend, generous beyond words

She was irritated when she heard he wouldn't fund public radio. She was stunned when he answered his own phone — he was president of the National Bank of Alaska. Learn how the relationship between Diane Kaplan and Ed Rasmuson grew into a decades-long collaboration, for Alaska.

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Our case for the arts — Alaska style

Arts are woven into the fabric of our society, but it didn’t just happen. Think of the painstaking effort it took Alaska’s First Artists to make that basket, blanket, doll and carving. We must be as deliberate.

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Farewell to our champion for solving homelessness

Don’t mistake a quiet and thoughtful demeanor for anything other than persistence and grit when it comes to working towards a goal. Dick Mandsager is leaving the Foundation — and leaving the community a much-improved system to solve homelessness.

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A look at the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trust

Dermot Cole writes that: "It is clear that the current operation is far from ideal — ending annual meetings, making the process less transparent and failing to take steps to maximize the benefits for the long term are not in the public interest."

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Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris

The federal rescue package just signed into law offers an extraordinary opportunity to help those most devastated by the pandemic. Leaders of two dozen philanthropic organizations urge a strong racial equity focus and offer their assistance. 

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Acknowledging the pain

When the people entrusted to keep us safe instead hurt and humiliate those in crisis, our souls are crushed. Our Alaska Native colleagues ask us to help usher understanding, to see — really see — each other as human beings. We don't have all the solutions but we are listening and working to do more.

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With allies, we call for justice

We asked prominent Alaska leaders from many sectors to join us in making it clear where Alaskans stand when it comes to our beloved community. Here's the result.

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