This summer, President and CEO Diane Kaplan marked 25 years with Rasmuson Foundation. We couldn’t have the party we hoped for, but in true Diane fashion we are celebrating with a beloved Foundation song that we rehearsed, not too much, and remixed, just a little. And we couldn’t stop there.

Whatever you are doing today, take a break to enjoy a musical video tribute to our leader. It’s a nod to Diane’s favorite place on Earth, Silver Salmon Creek across Cook Inlet.

Without further ado:

And for all that silliness, real work happens at Silver Salmon Creek. Every August, Diane brings partners, nonprofit leaders and staff to the fish camp there to unplug from technology, connect with each other and immerse in deep conversations in a way that’s hard to do back at home. That’s just how she rolls and always has.

Topping it off, the Rasmuson Foundation board surprised Diane with a special gift. And they tapped into their creative energy to announce it! See if you can decipher the surprise by watching the board’s video:

Diane started at the Foundation in 1995 as the very first employee and for years, she was the only one on staff. Now she leads a team of 26. When she started, the Foundation gave away few hundred thousand dollars in grant awards a year. Now it’s $20 million to $30 million. Learn more about how Diane turned a job that didn’t even exist into one with lasting and far-reaching impact in her annual message to Alaska.

Most of all, join us in thanking Diane for her commitment, vision and energy. She sets a high bar, demands the most of staff, pushes for new initiatives that always go above and beyond the last big thing. She truly lives the Foundation’s mission of promoting a better life for Alaskans.