Some past Distinguished Artist Award recipients (from left): Teri Rofkar, Kes Woodward, Nathan Jackson, Delores Elizabeth Churchill, Ray Troll and Sylvester Ayek.
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Anchorage, AK – Starting October 1, Rasmuson Foundation will begin accepting nominations for the 2018 Distinguished Artist Award. The deadline for nominating artists for this grant award is December 15.

The Distinguished Artist Award is part of Rasmuson Foundation’s Individual Artist Awards program. The nomination period is earlier than in previous years, with the change intended to provide greater clarity between the Distinguished Artist Award program and Rasmuson Foundation’s Project Award and Fellowship grants for artists.

“Every year we evaluate our programs to see how we can improve the grantee experience,” said Program Officer Jeff Baird. “We hope this change will result in a greater understanding of these three unique awards.”

Rasmuson Foundation offers one $40,000 Distinguished Artist Award annually in recognition of an Alaskan’s creative excellence over multiple decades and significant artistic accomplishments. These artists have chosen to make their lives and careers in Alaska, thereby contributing to the state’s cultural richness. An Alaska-based arts panel is responsible for recommending the Distinguished Artist each year. Distinguished Artist recipients are full-time professional artists in most cases, and will be recognized by peers and experts across the state as among the most accomplished in their field. Nominees may work in any artistic discipline.

The application dates for the Project Award and Fellowship grants will also change. The period for artists to apply for these grants opens January 15 and closes March 1, 2018. A Project Award is a $7,500 grant for an artist to complete a specific project, and the Fellowship is an $18,000 unrestricted grant to be used to help in an artist’s continued growth and development. Project Award and Fellowship recipients will be selected by a panel of artists and arts experts from across the country. A celebration and announcement of all Individual Artist Award recipients will occur in May 2018.

Past recipients of the Distinguished Artist Award are Gertrude Svarny of Unalaska; Garry Kaulitz and Don Decker of Anchorage; Peggy Shumaker, Kes Woodward, John Luther Adams and John Haines of Fairbanks; Teri Rofkar of Sitka; Rie Munoz of Juneau; Ron Senungetuk of Homer; Sylvester Ayek of Nome; and Delores Elizabeth Churchill, Ray Troll and Nathan Jackson of Ketchikan.

To learn more about the application process and programs visit the Individual Artist Awards grant page.


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Jenny Rasmuson with her son, Elmer, created Rasmuson Foundation in May 1955 to honor her late husband E.A. Rasmuson. The Foundation is a catalyst to promote a better life for all Alaskans.