The Foundation Center, in pursuit of its mission to “strengthen the nonprofit sector by advancing knowledge about U.S. philanthropy,” operates two free funding information centers in Alaska. Titled Cooperating Collections, these centers provide online services, print resources and supplementary materials in areas useful to grant seekers.

The Cooperating Collections in Alaska are housed at:

UAA – APU Consortium Library

3211 Providence Dr.

Anchorage, AK 99508

(907) 786-1848

Juneau Public Library

292 Marine Way

Juneau, AK 99801

(907) 586-5267

A key resource available in the Collection is the Foundation Directory Online that lists 96,000 U.S. foundations and corporate donors, 1.5 million recent grants, and more than 400,000 key decision makers. Outside of the Collection, access to the Directory costs more than $1,200 per year.

In addition to the Foundation Directory Online, each Cooperating Collection contains core materials common to every site and some local or regional information. The core collection for 2009 includes:

Foundation Grants to Individuals Online

After the Grant: the Guide for Responsible Grantees

Board Member’s Book

Directory of Celebrity Foundations

The Foundation Center’s Guide to Proposal Writing, 5th ed.

The Foundation Directory

Foundations Today Series

Foundation Giving Trends (2009)

Foundation Growth and Giving Estimates (2009)

Foundation Yearbook (2009)

Guía para escribir propuestas (2008)

The Grantseeker’s Guide to Winning Proposals (2008)

Guide to Funding for International and Foreign Programs (2008)

National Directory of Corporate Giving (2009)

Philanthropy Annual (2009)

Social Justice Grantmaking II (2009)

Last summer our First Alaskans Institute intern Penny Gage visited the Consortium Library to test out the collection. She reported that in addition to a robust search function that features 14 search fields (geographic region, funding interest, grant types, grant size or past grant recipient, to name a few), there is information about grantmakers’ memberships, board meetings, applications and deadlines. Information in the online service is updated weekly.

Penny also reported that the Collection provides grantmaker related news, job opportunities, RFPs, publications and newsletters. You can sign up for email alerts for new RFPs in Alaska. And you can search “Updates” to find new grantmakers, high growth grantmakers, or grantmakers with recent changes.

If you are looking for information on grantmakers or philanthropy, the Foundation Center Cooperating Collection has a lot to offer. Check it out and share your experiences with the collection here.