Today we celebrate the grand opening of Ridgeline Terrace with a guest post written by Kirsten Swann of the Mt. View Post.

Grand Opening of Ridgeline Terrace

Grand Opening of Ridgeline Terrace

Note: This is a guest post written by Kirsten Swann of the Mountain View Post. The original article was published here on January 4 .

There are 70 new front doors in Mountain View.

At Ridgeline Terrace, the recently completed housing complex on the west end of Mountain View Drive, the two-bedroom, 899-square-foot family townhouses start at $1,035 rent per month and the one-bedroom, 640-square-foot apartments for seniors start at $945, according to Cook Inlet Housing Authority. CIHA developed the project over several years alongside the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and two private companies — Trapline LLC and V2 LLC.

The buildings stand on a small bluff overlooking the Glenn Square Mall. Crews broke ground there in September 2014, and the site hummed with activity over the next 14 months. A new community center was built to hold offices and a daycare facility. Solar-powered rental units rose where shrubbery and “No Trespassing” signs once stood. Finally, construction came to an end late last year. The development’s official grand opening is scheduled for Jan. 8.

Three years ago, the lot was vacant. Today, there’s a row of three-story townhouses and a banner that reads “For Rent.”