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President’s Report October 2015

As we settle into fall our calendars fill with different activities. It sometimes seems like the busiest season of all, and it's no different here at Rasmuson Foundation. In this week's post, President and CEO Diane Kaplan reviews news and activities from our world.

Current Events

President’s Report – September 2014

Rasmuson Foundation board and staff get around. The evidence is plentiful in President Diane Kaplan's September report of summer travels and activities. That's the topic of today's blog. It's a glimpse into our world.

Grantee Updates

A real home with good people

Rasmuson Foundation recently announced a $5 million multi-year investment to the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP). It is one of the largest investments in the Foundation’s history. To get a sense of why this program merits this size of investment, take a look at these testimonials from students who participated in the summer 2013 ANSEP STEM Career Explorations program.

Current Events

Rising to the challenge

It's not just astronauts who take giant leaps forward. In this week's post, Jayson Smart describes how some Alaska students display the courage and determination of the space race in pursuit of educational excellence.

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