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Expanding opportunities for Alaska artists

It’s been just two years since the Rasmuson Foundation Artist Residency Program launched and already, its impact for both the artists involved and for the communities where they are engaged, has proven strong. In this guest post, poet and arts consultant Jeremy Pataky highlights three reasons why Alaska artists should apply.

Grantee Updates

Out of tragedy: cranes, connections

Artist Leslie Kimiko Ward was in the midst of an Artists in Schools residency in a remote Alaska community when tragedy struck. Her story about the experience, and her response -- to fold 1,000 origami cranes -- so moved us that we asked if we could share it here. She is encouraging Facebook users to "fold a crane and post a photo of themselves holding it both to shed light on the issue of suicide prevention in rural Alaska, and to offer the residents of St. Michael some solace knowing that they are, and indeed we all are, connected to a wider network than what can be seen in this beautiful but very remote corner of the tundra."

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