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New ad for Pick. Click. Give. premieres

The new campaign for Pick. Click. Give. is underway and this year focuses attention on delivery of essential human services because, there is no debate, some of your neighbors are unsure where their next meal may come from, their best option for housing may be sleeping in a family member’s garage, and their best shot at economic stability is a good education. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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An Alaskan Gividend

If you value the services of a nonprofit, help spread the word about Pick.Click.Give. There are free tools available for your website, newsletter and other communications.

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Three cheers for Pick Click Give!

Rasmuson Foundation would like to thank the many thousands of Alaskans who joined The Alaska Giving Coalition in taking a giant leap of faith. The Coalition believed, as we do, that our friends and neighbors, if given the opportunity, would happily share a portion of their annual Permanent Fund Dividend with organizations dedicated to making our communities stronger.

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Helping others is an Alaska tradition

When you sit down, log on, and fill out your Permanent Fund Dividend application this coming week (assuming you’re not the type to wait until the March 31 deadline) you may be pleasantly surprised to find a new way to support your favorite Alaska nonprofits.

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How do you define philanthropy?

The Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention closed on Saturday and the optimistic, affirmative aura created by the attendees and delegates lingers in the air. Each Convention teaches us many things; this year much of the discussion turned to the survivability of rural communities as they face new threats from increasing energy costs and decreasing populations.

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