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Information has value, and foundations are often positioned to gather great amounts of it. The importance of sharing information is a topic we discuss frequently here at Rasmuson Foundation. This week, Rasmuson staff will be scattered across the country attending a number of information-rich philanthropy meetings where discussions will range from topics such as the role of philanthropy in civil society, how the economy is challenging foundations, and ways to use new communication tools to convene discussion and build engagement around issues, just to name a few.

Current Events

Ice Golfing?

On March 5, a bunch of crazy people gathered at University Lake at the Alaska Pacific University campus to try out a new sport. Hey, why not? It was for a good cause and we were all curious to see what this was all about.

Current Events

Their lives might never be the same

It's natural to conclude that those on the receiving end of philanthropy are the ones transformed. But the act of mindfully giving time or money to advance a cause or to right an injustice is a powerful force that can change a person's life.

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