Grantee Stories

Culture dances across the airwaves

Access to Haines, Alaska’s only radio station is up twenty-eight steps to the second floor, which becomes an issue on the night we haul up Horace Marks in his wheelchair. Palsied and hardly able to whisper, it is essential that the elder participate in this explication of a clan’s treasured heritage.

Current Events

Staff retreat reflections

A couple of weeks ago, Rasmuson staff traveled to Juneau, Klukwan and Haines for our annual staff retreat. In this post, staff members share a few of their experiences, the lessons they took away, and a little about the dedicated and hard-working individuals we met. Thank you, to all in Southeast Alaska who made the trip a success!

Grantee Updates

Power and collapse with puppets

"We played in small towns and big ones. We played for a fundamentalist Christian high school and two anarchist art collectives. We played for younger children and graying adults. We traveled for two full months. The show left people talking. What more could we ask?" This week, Alaska puppeteer Byrne Power writes about his company's U.S. tour, which was supported by his 2009 Rasmuson Foundation Indivudal Artist Fellowship.

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