Solving homelessness


Can we get our city “to be more like Sully?”

Private businesses, individuals and philanthropy organizations have always contributed a great deal of the funds for the continuum of services for people experiencing homelessness. More gaps remain to be filled. We invite all of Anchorage to be part of the solution. Let’s all step up to be good neighbors.


Four buildings could help Anchorage solve homelessness

Throughout the debate over the last week, you may have come to see the acquisition of these four properties as a hindrance, or maybe a great help to serve those who need it most. We hope that neighbors will grow to see them as we do, not as a problem, but as part of Anchorage’s solution to homelessness.


In Anchorage, a fresh sense of urgency on homelessness

The municipality, business leaders, service providers and partners including Rasmuson Foundation are looking into promising solutions with a fresh sense of urgency. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on Thursday announced steps for an improved community response to homelessness.

Current Events

Who is homeless in Alaska?

To many people, the face of homelessness is that of a 40–55 year old male who has experienced years of addiction or mental illness. But in reality, that face is only nine years old.

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