Individual Artist Awards

Grants to artists to support the time, reflection, immersion or experimentation beneficial to the development of their artistry.

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Nicholas Galanin

Sculpture, video, textile and works on paper — varied mediums are only part of how multidisciplinary artist Nicholas Galanin extends his range. His practice builds on his traditional skills and celebrates creative autonomy. He explores the complexities of contemporary indigenous identity.

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Stormy Hamar

Stormy Hammar's work combines function with artistry, intense research with wild speculation. His day-to-day incremental progress is on a multi-generational schedule. His lifelong subject: dugout canoes.

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Mary Katzke

Decades after picking up her first camera, Mary Katzke has produced and directed more than three dozen films, featuring everything from community changemakers to environmental catastrophes. She sees photography and videography as a form of “visual poetry” — a way to record vital histories and communicate important messages about communities, culture and moments in time.

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Katie O'Loughlin

A lifelong Alaskan and near-lifelong dancer, Katie O’Loughlin found her artistic community early. Trips to Cuba to explore dance and culture helped her find a new sense of unity, a better understanding of how people work together, the relationships between dancers and music.

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Ricky Tagaban

Ricky Tagaban is a Chilkat weaver from Juneau who studied traditional ways with the late master weaver Clarissa Rizal.


New videos explain artist awards — and secrets of success.

Every year, the Foundation honors 36 Alaska artists for outstanding creative work with an Individual Artist Award. The awards bring recognition, opportunities for professional development and money.

Artists who have received the awards, Foundation staff and art experts are featured in three new videos designed to help applicants through the process.


Remembering a great artist, Ron Senungetuk

We are mourning the loss this week of Iñupiaq carver and metalsmith Ron Senungetuk, who founded the Native Art Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and was the Foundation's 2008 Distinguished Artist.

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Alison Bremner (née Marks)

Dancers become birds, become predators, become fish, become legendary characters. Drums pound. Voices rise and pulse. Knees bend and shoulders swoop so that blankets come alive. Arms fly out to strike angled postures — here a poised spear, there a wingtip, flight feathers angling in complicated winds.

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Applications now open for Individual Artist Awards

New this year: Groups and collaboratives can apply

For Immediate Release
Contact: Lisa Demer, 907-334-0529

Anchorage, AK – Rasmuson Foundation is accepting applications for the 2020 Individual Artist Awards (IAA). Applications will be accepted through March 2.

In addition to individual artists, groups and collaboratives — two or more artists working together — for the first time will be eligible for Project Awards and Fellowships.

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