Individual Artist Awards

Grants to artists to support the time, reflection, immersion or experimentation beneficial to the development of their artistry.


Time to apply for 2021 Individual Artist Awards

Rasmuson Foundation is accepting applications for the 2021 Individual Artist Awards (IAA). Learn more about these awards, which help artists living and working in Alaska explore new creative ground.


Tlingit master carver Price is 2020 Distinguished Artist

Wayne Price is renowned for the artistry and precision of his formline work. He has restored and duplicated historic totem poles and structures as well as created numerous original designs. He helped revive the knowledge and techniques required to carve traditional oceangoing canoes. Price also teaches traditional arts as a path to healing, sobriety and well-being.

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Mary Ida Henrikson

The Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska has long been home to painter Mary Ida Henrikson. Her nuanced artwork documents her connection to the temperate rainforest and her concern for the environment.

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Abigail Kokai

Fiber artist Abigail Kokai creates works that reflect her interest in illustration, graphic design and interaction with objects around her. Her quilts narrate lived experiences, preserve places and times, and communicate the significance of individuals and communities.

49 Writers

Merry C. Ellefson

Playwright Merry Ellefson of Juneau has been haunted for 20 years by the story of three Iñupiaq hunters who drifted away on an ice floe. Only one survived. The fragility of ice has etched tragedy into her own life, too.

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