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Working with news media

The series, State of Intoxication, was the first high-profile partnership between for-profit news media and philanthropy in Alaska, and as such, it raised a lot of questions and generated a lot of ideas. In this post, we share our approach to working with journalists.

Initiative News

To the top of the world

The group at Point Barrow

For all but a small number of people in our country, the Arctic Slope of Alaska is unknown and unknowable. Most will not have the incredible opportunity, as we did Wednesday, to meet a whaling captain and learn about the community effort that goes into hunting a whale.

Initiative News

Three cheers for Pick Click Give!

Rasmuson Foundation would like to thank the many thousands of Alaskans who joined The Alaska Giving Coalition in taking a giant leap of faith. The Coalition believed, as we do, that our friends and neighbors, if given the opportunity, would happily share a portion of their annual Permanent Fund Dividend with organizations dedicated to making our communities stronger.

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