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President’s Report October 2015

As we settle into fall our calendars fill with different activities. It sometimes seems like the busiest season of all, and it's no different here at Rasmuson Foundation. In this week's post, President and CEO Diane Kaplan reviews news and activities from our world.

Current Events

President’s report April 2015

Spring has sprung in earnest and the season is reflected in the pace of activities and news around our neighborhood. In today's post, Diane Kaplan looks back at happenings from the Foundation, grantees and the nonprofit sector.

Grantseeking Tips

Calling on faith organizations

When communities of faith come together, there's no telling what impact they can generate. In this week's blog, Senior Program Associate Jeff Baird recounts the start of what may well be a very important ongoing conversation about serving Alaskans' basic needs.

Current Events

Foraker Group: the first decade

Last week Foraker Group celebrated its 10th Anniversary. And just what makes our state nonprofit service center special or different? Three attendees of the celebration share their thoughts in this week's post.

Current Events

Steve Moore visits this week

With termination dust gracing the peaks of the Chugach, Steve Moore, Executive Director of M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust in Vancouver, Washington, will touch down for his first visit to Alaska later this week.

For many Alaskans, the Trust is a familiar organization, having awarded its first grant in Alaska in 1977 to Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation in Bethel to improve perinatal health care delivery in rural Alaska.

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