Remembering a great artist, Ron Senungetuk

We are mourning the loss this week of Iñupiaq carver and metalsmith Ron Senungetuk, who founded the Native Art Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and was the Foundation's 2008 Distinguished Artist.


We stand with Pittsburgh. In anguish, we long for heroes.

There’s a scene in “The Godfather” where Michael Corleone goes to the hospital to see his gravely injured father. He’s shocked to find there are no police guarding the hospital and quickly engages Enzo, the baker, to stand with him on the hospital steps, trying to look tough, to deter bad guys from entering to finish the Don off.


10 questions for Dennis McMillian

Dennis McMillian spent the bulk of his professional career in Alaska helping nonprofit organizations. He arrived in 1992 to lead United Way of Anchorage. He helped to develop The Alaska Community Foundation. And in 2001, he led the creation of The Foraker Group, which exists to increase leadership and management skills of those working in nonprofit and tribal organizations.

Current Events

Honor veterans at Park Strip

If you want to honor Alaska's veterans today, consider this: the renovated Anchorage Veterans Memorial will be rededicated in a ceremony this morning at the Delaney Park Strip. Details on our blog post.

Grantee Updates

On the death of Terry Adkins

Rasmuson Foundation is saddened by the news that friend and widely-acclaimed artist and musician Terry Adkins died of heart failure Friday at the age of 60. In this post, Diane Kaplan shares her 40-year history with Terry, which includes the development of a major exhibition about his time in Alaska.

Current Events

Past board members remembered

Judge James von der Heydt and Jim Flood remembered – each left his mark on Alaska and on Rasmuson Foundation. In this post, former Board Member Morgan Christen and Foundation President Diane Kaplan share memories of these two Alaska giants. And from our video archives, some clips of James and Jim reflecting on their early days with the Foundation.

Current Events

A world statesman

Nelson Mandela was one of the most admired statesmen in the world - a symbol of compromise, respect for all people, and peace. In today's post, Rasmuson Foundation President Diane Kaplan reflects on her visit to Robben Island where he was held prisoner, and the legacy he leaves for today's leaders.

Current Events

A garden for Lile

Last week the Alaska Botanical Garden hosted an event to celebrate Lile’s Garden, named after Lile Vivian Bernard Rasmuson. This post is taken from a brochure about Lile that was written by her three children.

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