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You and I make art

Can she do it? Can we do it together? Alaska author Andromeda Romano-Lax is raising funds to research her next novel. We're all in for her new work that explores 1920s psychology, the rise of the parenting advice industry, and the controversial individuals who made history. Will you join us for this and other Alaska projects now on the USA Projects site? Learn more in today's post.

Initiative News

The arts as economic driver

Artists and the arts can be – and in many places, already are – central to economic development. That’s the fundamental concept behind ArtPlace, a nationwide initiative to revitalize communities through a new investment model. Read more in this week's post.

Grantee Updates

Capturing Anchorage street scenes

Imagine yourself in one of Anchorage’s homeless camps. Cooking. Waking. Waiting. Whatever. What would life look like from that perspective? Different? The same? Interested in looking? Anthony Hernandez is. Those are just some of the shots that the California-based photographer has attempted to capture as he wandered through Anchorage during the past month.

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